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Frequently Asked Questions

Video Tutorials

How to log in for the first time
This video will show you the steps involved in logging into CharityTracker for the very first time
How to recover your password
If you have forgotten your password, this video will show you how to create a new password
How to add a Bulletin
Adding a bulletin is a simple way to instantly to communicate with your entire CharityTracker community
Working with Cases
This video with show you the different aspects of working with cases in CharityTracker
About the My Agency tab
Learn about the different sections of the My Agency tab, including creating reports
About the Agencies tab
Learn how to find other Agencies and Agents in CharityTracker
How to change your password
This video will walk you through the steps to change your password
Send a CharityTracker invitation
It's easy to send an automatic email inviting an organization to join your CharityTracker network
About the Admin tab
This video covers each section of the Admin tab.
Plus - How to upload files
Uploading files is an easy way to distribute and store files such as PDFs, DOC (Word), images and more.
Plus - How to create a Request/Referral
Learn how to create a request/referral for a client when your agency can't fulfill their need.
Plus - How to use the Barcodes/ID features
This video teaches you how to set up and use Client ID Cards as well as set up assistance barcodes to greatly reduce data processing times.
Plus - How to set up your agency's services
Learn how to add a service that your agency offers to clients. Your service(s) will then be available for referrals.
Plus - How to use the Groups Feature
Using Groups, you can specify that only a particular group of agents can see certain client information.
Plus - How to use Outcomes for your clients
Outcomes allows you to collaborate with other agencies and the client to move through a defined set of goals.